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Common Mistakes Made When Hitting the Gym For the First Time

This Is My Year!

We hope it is! We’re here to help with a few pointers to get you moving in the right direction.

1. Perfect attendance. Make going to the gym a habit.

2. Fitness takes time. You didn’t get in this position overnight and you won’t hit your goals overnight.

3. Don’t camp out on the treadmill for the next 6 weeks. You’ll get bored. Not many goals are reached there. It’s ok to visit though. Fitness is more than cardio. Strength becomes even more important as you age.

4. Ease in to it. Let your body get used to moving before you try to go for that PR. Soreness is a part of the process, but there’s a difference in being sore because you’re using muscles you haven’t in a while versus being sore because you thought it was a good idea to go for 10 sets of 10 on bench your first day.

5. Work on your nutrition as well. 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Make small changes to your diet every week or two. Doing things this way allows your tweaks to become permanent changes.

6. If you need help or guidance, ASK. It’s what we’re here for.

Special Thanks to JD Rios.